The 4titude® white solid bottom assay microplates have been specifically designed for luminescence applications, such as Luciferase Reporter Assays, due to the white plate maximising signal intensity in cases of low signal from some or all the wells. The plates give optimum results from most top-reading instruments, and conform to the standard SBS footprint.

Our white solid bottom assay plates have the following qualities:

Frame Material

Polystyrene - a hard material with optical clarity. It is used for cell culture, fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA, and homogeneous assays.

Plate Colour

White Plates - give the best results for luminescence detection because they maximise signal intensity.

Well Shape

Round Wells - suitable for most applications as they reduce droplet effects and wicking.

Well Bottoms

Flat Bottoms - most suitable for optical imaging and cell applications.

Our White Solid Bottom Assay Plate Range: