Years of experience in laboratory consumables and instrumentation, along with a thorough understanding of customers’ labware needs have turned 4titude® into what it is today.

Innovation is our guiding byword, and we stand by it to meet your demands across a vast array of applications within the life sciences industry. These are our products and services, this is what 4titude® is all about!


Developing PCR plastics has been one of 4titude®’s key endeavours ever since our foundation in 2005. Our range of PCR consumables covers all needs of flexibility and automation, allowing customers to run their applications with minimum waste of reagents and maximum efficiency.

The FrameStar® range, our patented 2-component technology, benefits the PCR process with enhanced thermal transfer due to the ultra-thin walled PP tubes, while enjoying thermal stability due to the rigid PC frame. The outcome: optimum PCR results with no waste of reagents.

Explore our PCR range and choose the format that suits best your PCR needs!


From cell based content screening and ELISA to fluorescence, luminescence, sample collection and storage, 4titude®’s microplate range covers a wide variety of applications.

Made from PP or PS, the supplied assay plates come with wells of differing shapes and bottoms to meet demands like droplet effect reduction and improvement of sample mixing, optical imaging and small volume recovery. Depending on the intended reading, customers can choose between a variety of plate and base colours.

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4titude® takes pride in offering the largest range of plate sealing foils and films on the market. Every plate needs a seal, so we undertake to supply the perfect match for each plate or tube, thus meeting the needs of customers who look for various degrees of peelability, pierceability, solvent resistance, sample security or ease of application.

Our adhesive and heat seals cover a wide array of applications, including PCR, imaging techniques, cell culture and storage. Add to that our selection of easy-to-use caps, lids and mats, which offer a quick solution to your need of protecting samples from evaporation and contamination.

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Lab instrumentation is yet another area 4titude® invests efforts and knowledge in such as to answer your need of automation and ease of use. Therefore, all of our instruments are compliant with SiLA standards for rapid integration of automated systems.

The range includes liquid handling robotics and sealing machines, plus tube marking equipment and barcode readers for added ease in sample tracking.

Check out our instrumentation section to learn more about what each machine can do for you!

Customisation capabilities

4titude® understands no predefined consumables or instrumentation range can answer to all possible labware needs. Therefore, we’re always open to innovation. We’re here to answer your queries with a complete project management service.

Depending on project, the following are readily available: rapid prototyping, 3D mould tool design, mould flow analysis, polymer selection, tool production and trialling, QC compliance and cleanroom assembly line production.

Talk to us to see how we can accommodate your special labware requirements!

Processing options

4titude®’s consumable range can be enhanced to comply with certain particular demands about sample tracking, NGS applications and forensic use. An easy way to improve sample identification and tracking is to resort to our linear barcoded or 2D coded options or to consider our custom coding solutions.

In support of the forensic industry, 4titude® offers ethylene oxide treatment, ensuring that amplifiable DNA can’t contaminate the consumables. The low DNA binding consumables are made from special polymers suitable for sensitive applications such as Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation applications.

Look into our processing options to see how we can enhance consumables to suit your labware needs!