4titude® offers an expanding range of high-quality instrumentation to supplement our ranges of plasticware and seals, bringing you both value for money and accuracy.

We have instruments ranging from the 4LAB™, a fully automated, high precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume liquid handling, to the a4S and 4s3™, a fully-automatic roll heat sealer and a semi-automatic sheet heat sealer respectively.

A recent addition to our range is the TubeMarker™, an innovative instrument that uses Thermal Pixel Printing Technology to print text, linear barcodes, or 2D codes directly on to the surface of centrifuge or cryogenic tubes, eliminating the need to mark by hand, risking illegible writing or smudging.

Our range also includes multiple types of barcode-readers, and a plate cutter for dividing our Break-A-Way™ Plates.

Our Instrumentation Range: