"40% reagent costs and 50% labour costs were saved by adopting the 4LAB™ and 384-well PCR microplates in our SNP assay project which extended to 1 year... ...the 4LAB™ provided the high accuracy and precision we needed."

Director of the Contract Research Dept, 4LAB™ customer.

Product Info

Product Information

4titude's® 4LAB™ is an automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low-volume liquid handling. For acceptable PCR results, small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed accurately and consistently, which is tedious, time consuming and prone to human error.

It is available as a 4-position and a 6-position workstation.

4LAB™ is designed to replace manual PCR/qPCR sample preparation. Accuracy, precision and consistency are guaranteed, and reagent wastage is reduced. Unlike complex, multi-purpose robotic systems, our instrument was designed for the researcher without prior robotic experience.

Intuitive set up and programming will save your laboratory time and money straight away.

Technical Specifications

Worktable Capacity2-3 x 96/384 PCR plates
1-2 x 96 tip racks (50/200 µl)
Reagent area 1:
8 x 1.5/2 ml microcentrifuge tubes
Reagents area 2:
6 x 2 ml storage tubes (free standing) and 1 x 5 ml bottle
FunctionLiquid Transfer (LT)
Multiple Dispense (MD)
Serial Dilution (SD)
Hold (Pause)
Mixing (MIX)
Automated Pipetting ModuleSingle-channel/8-channel (interchangeable)
Maximum Volume50 µl/200 µl
ConnectionRS-232, USB2.00 Hz, 100 W
Size (W x D x H)590 x 440 x 460 mm
Weight (Net)25 kg


Instrument Features

Easy and Convenient to Use

  • PC software can be mastered in an hour
  • No trained technician required
  • Built-in set-up protocols can be quickly modified and transferred via USB memory stick
  • Single and 8-channel, 50 µl or 200 µl automated pipetting modules can be changed without tools
  • 4 interchangeable standard microplate / tip rack adapters and 2 interchangeable reagent vessel adapters available
  • Other applications include sequencing set-up, HLA typing and SNP detection, etc.

Affordable Solution

  • The most affordable automated pipetting system available
  • Uses tips that are compatible with Beckman® Biomek® NX, FX & 3000
  • Cooling block adapters keep sensitive reagents / samples at 7 °C for over an hour
  • Save reagent costs by human error reduction and using low volume PCR plates

Easy to Service

  • The automated pipetting modules are simple to remove and can be returned for service and calibration
  • The entire system is compact and light-weight

Accurate and Precise

  • Each automated pipetting module is calibrated to ISO-8655 standards
  • Excellent results for qPCR standard curve and replicates (Figure 1)
  • Higher precision than manual pipetting (Figure 2)

Figure 1: Excellent Serial Dilution Results

7 µl NIH3T3 Cell cDNA sample is diluted in 21 µl water at 1:4 ratio for 4 times.
Roche® LightCycler® 480 real-time thermal cycler and Finnzyme DyNAmo® Flash SYBR® Green qPCR kit (F-415L) were used.

Figure 2: Better Precision Results than Manual Pipetting

Target: Human GAPDH (top curve) was amplified in replicates of 4. 18 µl (master-mix) and 2 µl (cDNA) were pipetted into 20 µl reaction volume. Roche LightCycler® 480 real-time thermal cycler and Invitrogen Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase were used.


50 µl Tip on single or 8-channel pipetting module

1 µl 50 µl
Accuracy (Rel.) ±7% ±1%
Precision (Rel. CV) ≤7.5% ≤0.4%

200 µl Tip on single or 8-channel pipetting module

10 µl 200 µl
Accuracy (Rel.) ±3% ±0.8%
Precision (Rel. CV) ≤1% ≤0.15%

Note: According to ISO-8655 standards (Gravimetric method), APM is calibrated in temperature (21-25 °C, ±0.5%) and humidity (60-90%) controlled environment. Twice-distilled water, robotic tips and microbalance were used.





4LAB™ Automated Low Volume Liquid Handling

Automated, high-precision pipetting system specifically designed for low volume liquid handling; easy to use and affordable




4ti-2000 4LAB™ 4-Position System 1
4ti-2200 4LAB6™ 6-Position System 1
4ti-2300 4LAB6™ 6-Position System with UV Lamp and HEPA Filter
4ti-2303 4LAB6™ 6-Position System with UV Lamp and HEPA Filter, with Active Cooling and Heating Blocks

Pipetting Modules

4ti-2010 1-50 µl Single-Channel Pipetting Module 1
4ti-2020 1-50 µl 8-Channel Pipetting Module 1
4ti-2030 10-200 µl Single-Channel Pipetting Module 1
10-200 µl 8-Channel Pipetting Module 1


4ti-2051 96-Tip Rack Adapter 1
4ti-2052 Elevated 96 Well PCR Plate Adapter 1
4ti-2053 Elevated 384 Well PCR Plate Adapter 1
4ti-2054 1.5 ml Tube Adapter (4 x 2) 1
4ti-2055 2 ml (3 x 2) and 5 ml (1) Tube Adapter 1
4ti-2056 Cooling Block for 96 Well PCR Plates 1
4ti-2057 Cooling Block for 384 Well PCR Plates 1
4ti-2058 Cooling Block for 1.5 ml Tubes (4 x 2) 1
4ti-2059 Cooling Block for 2 ml (3 x 2) and 5 ml (1) Tubes 1
4ti-2060 20 x 1.5 ml Tube Adapter 1
4ti-2061 Used Tip Tray, Disposable 10
4ti-2062 8-Channel Pipetting Reservoir 1
4ti-2063 Deep-Well Plate Adapter 1
4ti-2064 Reservoir (80 ml) 1
4ti-2065 Cooling Block for 20x1.5 ml Tubes 1
4ti-2066 HLA Typing 96-Well Terasaki Tray Adapter 1
4ti-2067 HLA Typing 60 and 72-Well Terasaki Tray Adapter 1
4ti-2068 0.5 ml Tube Adapter for 4ti-2060 1
4ti-2070 96 Well Conical Bottom PCR Adapter 1
4ti-2071 Cell Culture Plate Adapter 1
4ti-2072 Illumina 48 Well Adapter 1
4ti-2073 3 x 8 Tube Strip Adapter 1

Pipette Tips

4ti-2100 50 µl, Non-Sterile 10 x 96
4ti-2101 200 µl, Non-Sterile 10 x 96
4ti-2104 50 µl, Sterile 10 x 96
4ti-2105 200 µl, Sterile 10 x 96

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