Hand Held Barcode Scanner

Hand Held Barcode Scanner (4ti-4060)

The compact hand held barcode scanner, 4ti-4060, delivers the speed typical of laser scanners on any barcode, including both 1D and 2D codes.

It is capable of scanning 2D codes, as found on FrameStrips®, Break-A-Way plates, Cryotubes and Cryovials, including codes from other manufacturers' products. It can also scan our standard and custom linear plate codes, as well as any other linear codes.

This scanner has universal flexibility - it can be connected to any computer, via built in USB cable, without the need for a software download. Barcodes are instantly read and displayed wherever the cursor is placed, in any software on your computer.

  • Plug in and scan - ease of handling
  • Instant insertion of code - speed of use
  • Multi-format use - highest flexibility
  • Accommodates 2D codes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance
  • Omnidirectional scan pattern; no need to align the code with the scanner or pause between scans
  • Industry-leading scanning speed on every barcode
  • True point-and-shoot first time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed barcodes
  • Supports all common interfaces - easy integration with your existing technology environment, easy to migrate to new hosts
  • Compatible with 123Scan2 and Remote Scanner Management (RSM)
  • Durable design for all day everyday reliability



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4ti-4060 Hand Held Barcode Scanner, including USB Cable 1

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