"Great for Academic medium-throughput lab. Can seal 30-40 plates per hour."

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Product Info

Product Information

The 4s3™ is a semi-automatic sheet heat sealer which is compatible with a wide range of seals and plates of differing designs and heights.

With variable temperature and time settings, sealing conditions are easily optimised to produce a 100% seal, eliminating sample loss.

Plate and seal are placed on the holder, the "Operate" button pressed and the drawer automatically closes. The sealing process is controlled by an electric mechanism. This unique feature eliminates operator variation, giving a consistent seal every time and reducing the damage caused to microplates by over-sealing.


  • Automatic sealing process for unmatched sealing consistency
  • Variable temperature and time settings for easy optimisation of sealing conditions
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Rapid heating element for fast start up
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Auto stand-by function to save energy
  • Auto switch off function for added safety
  • Compatible with a wide variety of consumables including Random Access Plates
  • RS-232 serial port enables full integration with robot automation systems
  • Full range of heat seals available including Random Access Heat Seals (96 individual seal spots on a removable backing)
  • Small footprint
  • Low temperature sealing for use with adhesive seals

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W x L x H) 181 x 275 x 310 mm
Sealing Temperature Range 60-200 °C
Weight 9 kg
Voltage 110/230 V
Power 300 W (max)


Instrument Features

Real Time Display

The rapid heating element allows for a quick start up within minutes. The temperature is displayed in real time so that the heating up process can be monitored.

Energy Saving Functions

When the unit is left idle it automatically switches to standby mode, during which the temperature of the heating element is reduced to 60 °C to save energy. When the sealer is left idle for longer periods it switches off automatically for added safety. The times at which the unit switches into standby and switch off modes can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs.

Adapters and Sealing Aids

The 4s3™ employs a unique and cost saving adapter system. Deep well plates and most other skirted plates can be sealed on the standard plate carrier (4ti-0615, supplied with the unit). For all 96 well PCR plates an additional plate carrier (4ti-0625, optional extra) must be used. Both plate carriers can also be combined for easier handling of shallow well plates such as 384 well PCR plates.

For better sealing of those films which have a tendency to curl, 4titude® offer sealing aids. A weighted platen (4ti-0602) for use with deep well blocks can be ordered separately and a sealing frame for use with all other plate designs is supplied when ordering the optional 4ti-0625 adapter.

The sealer allows for sealing of Random Access Plates with the corresponding Random Access Heat Seals using the Random Access adapter (4ti-0613).

RS-232 Port for Automation Integration

The 4s3™ has an RS-232 port to enable it to be integrated into most automated systems.

Plate Formats

The following plate formats can be used with an appropriate holder:

  • SBS standard polypropylene and polystyrene plates and deep well blocks
  • PCR plates including skirted, semi-skirted and non-skirted formats
  • Random Access PCR Plates

Large Range of Heat Sealing Films & Foils

4titude® offer the largest range of sealing films and foils. To find out more information on our heat seal range, click here.

4s3™ Operation

4s3™ Operation in 6 Easy Steps!

4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer Operation



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Service Documents



4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer

Semi-automatic sheet heat sealer compatible with a wide range of seals and microplates, PCR and assay plates, as well as storage plates of differing designs and heights




4ti-0655 Includes: universal power supply, power cord, manual, standard plate support adapter (4ti-0615), 12 month parts and labour warranty 1


4ti-0615* 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Standard; for skirted 96 and 384 well plates
4ti-0616 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Roche 1536; for Roche 1536 well PCR plates
4ti-0625 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, PCR 96; for 96 well PCR plates, includes 4s3™ Sealing Frame (4ti-0612)
4ti-0617 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Storage 96 and 384; for 96 and 384 well storage plates
4ti-0618 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, PCR 384; for 384 well PCR plates
4ti-0613 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Random Access, Low Profile; for low profile plates
4ti-0613-1 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Random Access, Low Profile Break-A-Way; for low profile FrameStar® Break-A-Way plates
4ti-0614 4s3 Plate Support Adapter, Random Access, Standard Profile; for standard profile plates
4ti-0614-1 4s3™ Plate Support Adapter, Random Access, Standard Profile Break-A-Way; for standard profile FrameStar® Break-A-Way plates
4ti-0602 4s3™ Weighted Sealing Platen; for holding down sealing sheets that have a tendency to curl
4ti-0612 4s3™ Sealing Frame; for use with Plate Support Adapter, PCR 96 (4ti-0625)
4ti-0655-11 Warranty extension, second year 1
4ti-0655-12 Warranty extension, second and third year
4ti-0655-113 Warranty extension, third year

*These items are included with the 4s3™ heat sealer (Code 4ti-0655)

FrameStar® PCR plates are covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents or their foreign counterparts, owned by Eppendorf AG: US Patent Nos. 7,347,977 and 6,340,589

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