At 4titude®, we have an ever-expanding range of microplates to support different applications and levels of throughput. Scroll down to browse our range.

The information below details the different varieties of microplates we offer, and will help you choose which type of plate will best suit your needs, based on plate material, shape, base, and colour:

Frame Material

Polypropylene - has very low biomolecular binding characteristics, a high temperature tolerance and resistance to many standard laboratory chemicals, including DMSO. It is mainly used for storage applications. Our Storage Plate Range is made from polypropylene.

Polystyrene - a hard material with optical clarity. It is used for cell culture, fluorescence, luminescence, ELISA, and homogeneous assays. Our Vision Plates™ and other assay plates are made from polystyrene.

Well Shape

Round Wells - are suitable for most applications as they reduce droplet effects and wicking.

Square Wells - ensure the best use of space and improve sample mixing, particularly when used for bacterial growth.

Rounded Square Wells - ensure the best use of space and improve sample mixing, suitable for small volumes.

Well Bottoms

Flat Bottoms - are most suitable for optical imaging and cell culture application.

U-Bottoms - are best for washing, mixing and pelleting, and give a high surface area.

Conical V-Bottoms - are best for precipitation, centrifugation, and small volume recovery.

Pyramid Flat Bottoms - unique shape of the well bottom with a very flat central part, designed for imaging and cell culture applications.

Plate Colour

Black clear bottom plates - suitable for bottom reading instruments and microscopy applications. Our Vision Plates™ and UltraVision™ Plates have clear bottoms.

Black solid base plates - recommended for top reading fluorescent instrumentation because of their low background and minimised light scattering. Click here for black plates.

White solid base plates - give the best results for luminescence detection because they maximise signal intensity. Click here for white plates.

Clear plates - offer the best solution for absorption, ELISA, spectophrotometric and storage applications. We offer both clear Storage Plates and Assay Plates.

Our Microplate Range: