4titude® offers a wide range of plates to support different applications and levels of throughput. 4titude® storage plates are produced in cleanroom facilities which are certified free of RNase, DNase, human genomic DNA and endotoxins. We use only the highest medical grade virgin polypropylene with high resistance against chemicals such as DMSO, phenol, and chloroform. Our storage plates have a standard SBS footprint and are therefore compatible with robotics and automation.

The following information will help you chose the most suitable plate material, colour, base and shape.

Frame Material

Polypropylene - has very low biomolecular binding characteristics, a high temperature tolerance and resistance to many standard laboratory chemicals, including DMSO.

Well Shape

Round wells - are suitable for most applications as they reduce droplet effects and wicking.

Square wells - ensure the best use of space and improve sample mixing particularly when used for bacterial culture growth.

Well Bottoms

U-bottoms - are most suitable for washing, mixing and pelleting and give high surface area.

Conical V-bottoms - are best for precipitation, centrifugation and small volume recovery. Also, they are most suitable for use on magnetic blocks.

Our Storage Plate Range: