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Product Information

1 ml round wells, V shaped bases, clear polypropylene

These 96 deep well storage microplates are especially designed for use with magnetic separators for bead separation protocols. Due to the special shape of the stacking ribs, the plate sits much lower on the magnetic separator than standard round well plates thus facilitating the speed and efficiency of the separation process.

The plates are ultra-flat for a completely uniform seal; sealing possible with either adhesive or heat seals.

Manufactured in our ISO class 7&8 cleanroom facilities, the plates are certified free of RNase, DNase, human genomic DNA and endotoxins. We use only the highest medical grade virgin polypropylene with high resistance against chemicals such as DMSO, phenol, and chloroform.


Plate Features

  • Perfect fit to magnetic separators - the magnetic beads separate perfectly into e.g. a ring (if a ring magnet is used) allowing easy removal of supernatant from the centre of the well by manual or automated pipetting.
  • Replaces the "96-well storage plates, round well, 0.8 ml (MIDI plate, Fisher Scientific® part number AB-0859)", in e.g. Illumina® protocols
  • Polypropylene - has very low biomolecular binding characteristics, a high temperature tolerance and resistance to many standard laboratory chemicals, including DMSO.
  • V Shaped Base - are best for small volume recovery, as the liquid gathers at the lowest point of the V for easy pipetting.
  • Round Wells - are suitable for most applications, as they reduce droplet effects and wicking.
  • SBS footprint - compatible with plate readers and ideal for use with automation.
  • Silicone Sealing Cap Mat (4ti-0124) available separately - efficiently prevent cross contamination and sample evaporation to ensure a high degree of sample security
  • Non-Sterile as standard - sterilisation available upon request
  • Temperature range for use -80°C to 120°C
  • Alphanumeric labelling
  • Autoclavable

4ti-0125 (left) shows improved fit on a magnetic separation plate for faster and more efficient separation compared to a standard 96 round well plate (right)

Now Available - Low Binding Plates with Ultra-Low DNA Binding Properties

Sensitive applications such as Next Generation Sequencing sample preparation applications demand the highest quality consumables. Low binding polypropylene tubes allow for multiple incubation and transfer steps without sample loss.

Polypropylene (PP) is the best plastic material for PCR tubes as it is chemically inert, resistant to solvents, and well suited for injection moulding - allowing for production of thin-walled tubes for optimum PCR results.

DNA has been shown to bind to PP tubes especially at high ionic strength, despite the very hydrophobic nature of this material. Different PP polymers are used for the production of PCR consumables and as they differ in their characteristics including surface charges, they consequently bind DNA in varying amounts.

DNA binding to PP surfaces has typically only been an issue for reaction tubes and storage vessels but not for PCR/qPCR tubes. DNA sticking to tube walls is either released during denaturation steps and/or remains accessible for amplification.

Nevertheless, due to a progressing volume miniaturisation and with new technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), PCR/qPCR tubes are more and more also recommended for other applications which may require ultra-low DNA binding.

Plates of this design with ultra-low DNA binding properties are now available to order under the product code 4ti-LB0125.

Read more about our low binding products here »

  • Low-binding feature results from selected low-bind polymers, no coating is used to achieve the binding characteristics - No contamination or modification of the samples
  • Tested under a broad temperature range - Maximum DNA recovery after low temperature storage and high temperature incubation
  • No DNA loss during incubation steps and sample transfer in NGS sample prep and library construction - Ideally suited for sensitive applications with ultra-low DNA input


This plate is available with linear Code 128-format barcodes to aid identification and traceability for your samples. To order your plates with barcodes, simply add /SBC to the end of the ordering code for Standard Single Barcoding, /DBC for Standard Double Barcoding, /TBC for Standard Triple Barcoding, or /QBC for Standard Quadruple Barcoding (see Barcoding for more details).


Plates can be sterilised on request, please contact us for further information and pricing.







96 Deep Well Storage Microplate, for use with magnetic separators, 1ml round wells, V shaped bases, clear polypropylene

50 plates

96 Deep Well Storage Microplate, for use with magnetic separators, 1ml round wells, V shaped bases, clear polypropylene, Low Binding

50 plates

Silicone Sealing Cap Mat, clear, with 96 round caps, for use with 4ti-0125 only

50 mats

Sealing Options

Sealing Options

Silicone Sealing Cap Mats - especially suited for this plate - are available separately (4ti-0124). These mats efficiently prevent cross contamination and sample evaporation to ensure a high degree of sample security.
There is a number of further sealing options available to this plate, depending on the application and desired outcome.

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