4titude have extensive experience and superior technology for making PCR plates with ultra-thin polypropylene wells fitted into a robust polycarbonate frame that provides excellent stability. Our Random Access plates are an extension of this technology to supply a novel 96 well plate with individually sealable and removable wells combining both flexibility and robustness. Read more about our PCR plate range.

Random Access (RA) plates provide the greatest flexibility in PCR plates, affording handling of individual wells in a 96 well plate format. Each well is moulded into a rigid frame suitable for use with automation. Once containing your sample or reagents, plates can be sealed using random access heat seals resulting in filled wells which can be removed from the plate as required.

The wells are made from medical grade polypropylene which is perfectly suited for use in PCR as well as for long term storage. The exact number of wells required can be used, meaning no wastage of consumables or reagents. Each well clicks into place within the frame, holding it securely for use with automation and for transport. Additionally, the fit of the tubes is not compromised following a PCR run due to resistance of the rigid frame to thermal expansion.

4titude Random Access Plates & Seals Introduction

Watch this short video and find out how to seal Random Access Plates with individual pierce seals with our Heat Sealer 4s3™ and learn more about our exciting new range of Random Access products.

Our Random Access Plates & Seals: