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Product Information

Maintain your PCR samples at 4°C for up to 2.5 hours

The SBS-sized cooling blocks, available in pink and yellow, are the perfect PCR accessory. Once frozen for 8 hours at -20°C, they turn from pink to purple or from yellow to green, respectively, and maintain a temperature of 4°C for about 2.5 hours. At 7°C, the blocks return to their original colour, clearly showing when they are no longer refrigerating the samples.

The blocks come incorporated into a rack with an accompanying lid for easier handling and to further protect your samples.

As Ergo Freeze Blocks are in SBS-format, they are also suitable for automated use. Their 96 well format is suitable for cooling plates and tubes, compatible with standard and low profile PCR tubes, strips of tubes, part plates and 96 well plates



Ergo Freeze Cooling Block

96 well cooling block, for refrigerating samples




4ti-0395 colour change from pink (room temperature) to purple (-20°C)
1 block
4ti-0396 colour change from yellow (room temperature) to green (-20°C)
1 block

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