4titude® offers the widest range of plate sealing solutions available on the market. You can choose between sealing with: cap strips, mats, lids, adhesive seals, and heat seals.

Within both our adhesive seal and heat seal ranges we offer a wide selection of materials to choose from, dependant on your application requirements. You have the option to choose your seal based on wide variety of properties offered, including peelability, pierceability, gas permeability, optical clarity, temperature stability and solvent resistance.

Most seals are available in both sheet and roll format for manual, semi-automated and automated heat sealer use.

The best sealing results can be obtained by using flat rigid plates and using reliable, high quality sealing instruments for seal application, like the 4s3™ Semi-Automated Sheet Heat Sealer or the a4S Automated Roll Heat Sealer. 4titude® seals are produced and processed under strictly controlled environmental conditions and according to our ISO standard manufacturing. All of our seals are DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, bacterial cell, eukaryotic cell, dust, endotoxin/pyrogen free. We also offer sterilisation of our seal materials, should this be required. If your seal of choice is not offered sterile as a stock product, then please contact us; we can offer custom sterilisation of any seals as required.