4titude® offers the widest range of adhesive sealing solutions available on the market.

You have the option to choose your seal based on a wide variety of properties offered including: peelability, pierceability, gas permeability, optical clarity, temperature stability and solvent resistance.

Most of our adhesive sheet seals are supplied with convenient tabs on both ends for ease of application. These tabs enable easy peeling for sealing removal without leaving adhesive residue on the sealing surface. We also offer a number of our seals in various roll formats compatible with most roll sealers on the market, for ease of use or for automation.

To obtain the best sealing results with adhesive seals we strongly recommend the use of high quality plates, such as 4titude® plates, with superior flatness for optimal seal application. PCR and qPCR plates should have raised well rims to facilitate effective sealing and prevent well to well contamination (all 4titude® PCR plates have raised rims).

To improve seal application and performance we offer supplementary products:

All 4titude® seals are produced according to our ISO standard manufacturing. All seals are DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, endotoxin/pyrogen free. We also offer sterilisation of all of our seal materials as a custom option, should this be required. If your seal of choice is not offered sterile as a stock product, then please contact us.

Our Adhesive Seal Range: