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Product Information

Heat sealing sheets held within a disposable, rigid, stackable frame; suitable for automation; perforated for easy removal following heat sealing

Our FrameSeal™ utilises a sheet of standard 4titude® heat sealing material mounted onto a disposable, rigid plastic frame. A FrameSeal™ can be placed either manually, or with a robotic gripper, onto a wide range of skirted and semi-skirted microplates (including PCR plates) and is compatible with our 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer. After sealing, there is the option to remove the frame by tearing along pre-cut lines to leave the heat seal in place on the plate surface.

Application Example

Application Example

4titude®'s Clear Weld Heat Seal Mark 2 (4ti-0575) heat sealing film is available pre-mounted to create a FrameSeal™. Together with the Fraunhoffer IPA Institute, FrameSeal™ has been used in a fully integrated solution for sealing 1536 well PCR plates before analysis of RNAi screening with a Roche LightCycler® 1536, as shown below.

Using a robotic arm, a single FrameSeal™ is placed onto a 1536 well PCR plate. By adjusting the position of the robot gripper, the plate and FrameSeal™ combination are then transferred to the drawer of a 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer, which seals the part via a software command through its RS232 port.

After the sealing process has been carried out, the sealed plate is transferred to the De-Framer, which separates the frame from the film at each point along the edge of the film. The frame can then be removed, leaving the sealed plate to be placed in the cycler.

Together, the heat sealer and the FrameSeal™ are:

  • The most cost effective automated heat sealing solution available
  • A solution to the demand from diagnostics customers for sterile, single-use consumables
  • The most compact instrument for easy integration

For more information on how this automation cell was set up, please click here.

Automation Cell




Heat sealing sheets held within a disposable, rigid, stackable frame; suitable for automation




4ti-0541/FS Clear Heat Seal FrameSeal™ 50 frames
4ti-0575/FS Clear Weld Heat Seal Mark 2 FrameSeal™ 50 frames

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