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Product Information

With thermosensitive layer, for checking the uniformity and reproducibility of your heat sealer's heating block

4titude®'s Thermal Test Film (TTF) can be used in conjunction with a roll fed (e.g. a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer) or sheet fed (e.g. 4s3 Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer) heat sealer to check the uniformity and reproducibility of the heat sealing block of the instrument. The film can be used to effectively test the temperature of the heating block between 160 – 200 °C.

Technical Specifications

Sealing Temperature Range 160 °C - 200 °C
Recommended Ambient Temperature 15 °C - 30 °C
Recommended Ambient Humidity 35% RH - 80% RH



The Thermal Test Film has a thermosensitive colour-forming layer plus a protective layer, both attached to the base material.

Depending on the temperature applied to the film, a colour is produced in varying density and hue – giving a perfect image of heat distribution across the heating block of your heat sealer.

The colour varies according to dwell time and temperature. The shorter the duration, the paler and more blueish the colour. The longer the duration, the more saturated and reddish the colour. Please refer to the colour chart below.

Note: This colour chart is just an example based on the results of the tests performed in our laboratories. Before using the Thermal Test Film, please create a similar chart that is based on your actual measurement conditions





Thermal Test Film

Thermosensitive colour-forming film; for evaluation of consistent temperature across a heating block; to be used in conjunction with roll fed or sheet fed heat sealing instruments



Sheets or Kits/Case

4ti-0640 sheets (125 x 80 mm)
25 sheets
4ti-0641 Starter Kit, 10 sheets (125 x 80 mm) and 1 silicone pad 1 kit
4ti-0642 Roll Kit, 1 roll (1 m x 80 mm) and 1 silicone pad 1 kit

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