Heat sealing is the gold standard method of plate and tube sealing. It prevents sample loss and maximises sample security, by facilitating a 100% complete seal and preventing evaporation, leakage and contamination.

The sealing performance of heat seals is superior to all other methods including cap, mat and adhesive sealing. The variability of sealing consistency seen when using adhesive seals, caps or mats is completely removed.

The optimized sealing performance of a heat seal allows the use of smaller reagent volumes, leading to reagent cost savings such that heat sealing is the most cost efficient sealing method for a wide range of applications.

Per well comparisons show a 3 to 5 five-fold reduction in costs for qPCR applications (list price comparison of the Clear Weld Heat Seal against Caps and qPCR Seal) and at least a 50% reduction for storage solutions (list price comparison of Peel Heat Seal against Caps and PCR Seal). Costs can be further reduced by changing to the use of roll seals rather than sheet seals.

The application of heat seals is also much faster than when using caps or adhesive seals. Typical sealing times are around 2.5 seconds, depending on throughput and the use of a semi-automatic heat sealer, such as the 4titude® 4s3™ Semi-Automatic Sheet Heat Sealer, or a fully automatic roll heat sealer, such as the 4titude® a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer.

Reproducible sealing quality can be guaranteed by standardising the sealing parameters: time, temperature and pressure. 4titude® offers the widest choice of heat seal materials available, with sheet formats for manual or semi-automatic heat sealers and roll formats for automated heat sealers.

You have the option to choose your seal based on a wide variety of properties offered including: peelability, pierceability, gas permeability, optical clarity, temperature stability and solvent resistance.

Our seals are produced according to our ISO standard manufacturing. All of our seals are DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, endotoxin/pyrogen free. We also offer sterilisation and custom printing of all of our seal materials should this be required. If your seal of choice is not offered sterile as a stock product then please contact us.

Our Heat Seal Range: