Consumable Compatibility and Comparisons

4titude® consumables are designed to give optimal performance when used with certain instruments or assays. This is valid for our range of PCR plates as well as for our adhesive and heat seals. To find the consumables that fit your instrumentation and provide the best solution for your workflow, please refer to the compatibility and comparison tables below.

Plate Compatibility

4titude® PCR plates and tubes are specifically designed for use with certain thermal cyclers and sequencers; however, we also have a range of universal plates for greater flexibility between instruments.

Check our compatibility table to see which plates are suitable for your instrument!

Adhesive Seal Comparison

Depending on your application, we have a range of adhesive seals with different functional properties to provide you with the perfect solution for optimal results.

Our adhesive seal comparison table is a tool to help guide you in making a decision on which adhesive seal is right for you!

Heat Seal Comparison

While heat sealing is known to be the gold standard for sealing, it's important to use a seal that best fits your application, as well as the format of your sealing instrument!

Check out our heat sealing comparison table to learn more about the features and compatibility of our heat seals!